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In 2011, Times and Titles was created to serve a very specific need in helping theaters reduce costs related to their movie phone line expenses. Using legacy hardware solutions, Times and Titles helped to change the standard practice of having multiple phone lines to serve concurrent callers. Times and Titles was instead able to allow theaters to simply have a single phone line that could accommodate many simultaneous calls.


As the market evolved and as new technology emerged, Times and Titles embraced a new way of serving its customers using cloud-based technology and economies of scale to offer a purely cloud-based and digital solution.

At present, Times and Titles has evolved into a data service company which offers a turnkey cloud-based calling experience purposely built for the ever-changing theater industry. Times and Titles exist to provide one of the most flexible and extensible movie hotline solutions available, with the added value of helping theaters gain insight into their customers interest, calling behaviors, and overall operational efficiency.

Times and Titles has built expertise around helping theaters identify and understand patterns and trends which can greatly influence the theaters ability to convert customer interest to revenue.



Most frequent questions and answers

Times and Titles can provide a demo of your theater within 24 hours.

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In most cases, yes. A remote survey will determine whether or not your number is reusable.

Your theater can make unlimited changes to your phone menu and customizable greetings!

Times and Titles provides management web portal access for up to three users. Access reporting on calls received, usage, and concurrent callers.

Times and Titles will have your phone system configured and ready for review in 48 hours or less!

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