Convenience and innovation to new and existing customers.

Theaters are under more pressure today, than ever before, to decrease operational expenditures, increase operational efficiencies, and implement creative tactics to increase customer loyalty.


There is a need to implement new technology that is easy to use, doesn’t require much effort or time, and either saves money or optimizes existing spend.


With Times and Titles you’ll gain valuable insight into customer interest and behavior to adapt to changing market conditions and refocus employee time and effort toward activity that directly contributes to the theaters bottom line.

Communication Audit

Audit of your communications expenses to show you how much we can save you.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insight into your customers interest using our analytics and reporting dashboards to correlate customer interest to sales; learn where customers are spending their time and identify patterns and trends.

Massive Scale

Our system is 100% cloud-based and automatically scales with your business during peak seasons and high call volume.

No Busy Signals

Lines for everyone that can dynamically burst to handle 100,000 incoming calls simultaneously.

Break the Upgrade Cycle

With our platform, you never have to worry about patching, upgrading and support - all of that is done for you automatically.

Management On-The-Go

Manage your theaters from any Internet connected computer or tablet.

Live Voice Actors

Enhance your customers calling experience by leveraging our live voice actors to professionally record dynamic and compelling content for your movie hotline experience.

Redundancy and Backups

Our platform is built to provide highly available and redundant service, and all of your data is backed up automatically.

Constant Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve (and your competition) with the rollout of new features built on new and emerging technology.

Ready. Set. Go!

With our turnkey service, we can usually get you up and running in less than two business days.

Security and Privacy

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We never sell your data to third party companies.

Text Messaging

Send callers text messages containing important information and promotions. Customers can request showtimes, theater location, safety information and provide feedback of their moviegoing experience.

Automated Updates

Showtime listings phone menus automatically update when changes are detected from your showtime provider.

Access Controls

Designate trusted individuals to manage one or more theaters.

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Benefits of Times and Titles

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