No complicated hardware or software to maintain.

Theaters have an increasing need to repurpose and refocus employee time and effort toward activity that directly contribute to the theaters bottom line. With Times and Titles, our service allows you to specify and designate different individuals to manage all of your theaters, or an individual theater – or anywhere in between.

Easily train new and existing employees in minutes, and easily apply changes to the system in minutes, instead of hours or days.

Our Amazing Services

Movie Hotline Experience™

The Times and Titles Movie Hotline Experience™ is our flagship service, allowing theaters to implement the most flexible movie hotline solutions available. This includes an added value of our Customer Clarity™, in standard form to help theaters gain insight into their customers interest, calling behaviors, and overall operational efficiency. Are you interested in identifying opportunities for revenue growth within your theater? Well, we have the golden ticket! Our flagship service comes in a premium version with Customer Clarity™ Premium – an operations concierge service. 

Interactive SMS™

Interactive SMS™  allows your callers to receive important updates and promotional information, straight to their phones. Customers can easily request showtimes, theater and safety information, and provide feedback via text message. This service is a part of our Movie Hotline Experience™ Premium package. 

Dynamic Voice Studio™

Enhance your customers calling experience with Dynamic Voice Studio™ by leveraging our live voice actors to professionally record dynamic and compelling content for your movie hotline experience. This service is a part of our Movie Hotline Experience™ Premium package. 

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Customer Clarity™ Concierge
Interactive SMS™
Dynamic Voice Studio™
24/7 Support
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