Times and Titles


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Who doesn’t want to sleep well at night with peace of mind knowing that your patrons are getting the movie information they want, when they want it? Your customers deserve the best hotline experience possible.

No More Busy Signals – Guaranteed!

No Busy SignalsDon’t let your customers get frustrated and find another form of entertainment by getting a busy signal when they call. We eliminate this problem because our system handles an unlimited number of concurrent calls. Get paying customers through your doors and into your seats by making sure their calls get answered.

Eliminate Capital Expenditures and Maintenance

Turn off your current computers, phone cards, answering machines or other hotline equipment. Forget about the headaches that come with maintenance or upgrades. Our state-of-the-art equipment is maintained, monitored, upgraded, updated, inspected and every other “–ed” in the tech world. Even your electric bill is reduced with Times and Titles!

New Locations

Are you buying or building theaters? We’ve got you covered. We can add new location as fast as 48 hours. Now that’s fast!

Reduced Costs

We may save you money by cutting the fat. If you’re paying for multiple phone lines today, you’ll love the fact that our Times and Titles solution only uses one phone line.

Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Everyone wants a quick ROI. How about less than a year?

Low Risk

You shouldn’t risk anything with something that is so important to your business. We make it simple to implement and offer a 60 day money-back guarantee if Times and Titles doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, period. Low risk, high reward. Contact us today.